Spy Wall Clock Wifi Camera

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Wifi Wall Clock Hidden Spy Camera Directly Seen On Your Mobile.

Product Description:

  1. Works with wireless router: it can realize remote monitoring. This way requests a wireless router. You need put this camera to a wireless network's working environment.It requests wireless network's account and password when you add this camera to the software. Simple steps: put this camera to where you want to monitor, download and install the software to your phone or tablet, add this camera to the software, then you can view the image from your phone or tablet ANYTIME.
  2. Works without wireless router: local monitoring. If you don't have wireless router, and you just need to use it at one place. Buy it now! This camera can launch a wireless hot spot. You can add this camera to the software by itself wireless hot spot. Seller has made a test, it can reach 10M indoor.
  3. Multi-view clients: If you have bought several cameras, you can add all to the Multi-view clients and view all on computer. Also, it supports individual recording. And it supports up to 36 cameras (to add to this clients). Multi-view clients is included in the CD. This product is a HD (1080P @ 25FPS) network camera monitoring module.

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